Are You Open, Part II


Why is the door locked?  It’s not. Come on in! If it happens to be locked, its because we are at lunch or closed at the moment.

Do you need to Drop off Something? If you are dropping off documents or a payment, you can use the Drop Mail Slot or just come on in, if we are here.

Can I get an Appointment? Of course. We are flexible on how you want to meet with us. In person? Sure, let’s get it on the schedule. On the phone? Sure, let’s make it happen. Via video conference? We are offering that now.

What About Masks? Masks are entirely optional. We understand if you still have concerns about COVID-19. Please do not be alarmed if we are not wearing a mask. if you would prefer a telephone or video appointment, please just let us know.

If you want more information, please visit our website and follow the Special News and Announcement link at the top of the page.